Casacao Cacao Powder

100% natural cacao

No  Preservatives
No Sugars

Fairly Traded

Not all cacao is created equal!

Casacao's cacao beans are some of the best quality beans in the world, harvested in the Dominican Republic.

Cacao has been treasured for centuries by native peoples for its energizing and healthful properties.  Known as Theobroma, Food of the Gods, Cacao’s health benefits derive from its antioxidant content of polyphenols and flavonoids. Casacao Cacao Powder is pure cacao, free of other ingredients, and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.    

Enjoy Casacao Cacao Powder knowing that by choosing this product, you are directly supporting a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development, and environmental stewardship.  

6 oz

Labeling & packaging materials are recyclable & made in the USA.  


We welcome recipes from all cacao lovers!  Two great chefs who love Casacao Cacao Powder share some of their recipes here.  See what we have cooking...

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There’s no limit to how many ways you can make Casacao Cacao Powder a part of your diet.

You can add, blend, bake, dust, cook, mix, etc.

Just a few ideas: Make tea, mix in oatmeal, blend in a power smoothie.

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